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FE Gas Pressure Regulator

The Mod. FE is a two-stage direct-operated gas pressure regulator by Pietro Fiorentini, and is equipped with integrated slam shut for maximum downstream pressure. Ideal for low pressure natural gas distribution networks for residential users.

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Gas Flow Meter 2.0

To capture gas flows away from the source of the leakage rate, measured by sampling at high speed, thus there is a dilution of the surrounding air. Accurate sample flow rate and natural gas concentration allow leak rates to have calculation. 
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MiWireless 350 Pressure Recorder

The MiWireless350 platform leverages the latest innovations in battery operated instruments such as the EC 350 and ERX 350, and low power 4G cellular radios such as Cloud Link R100 or Cloud Link with Cat M1 radio support.

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GS700 Series Portable Infrared Gas Leak Detector

The GS700 utilizes the latest infrared gas detection technology in a robust and reliable design. It provides intelligent data-logging functionality combined with optional GPS mapping to simplify data gathering and easily syncs with our cloud based Instrument Management System (IMS) to support reporting and compliance.

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