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FLOWSIC550 Flow Meter

The new FLOWSIC550 ultrasonic compact gas flow meter from SICK ensures highly accurate billing of low volume flows in high-pressure networks – a perfect complement to the FLOWSIC500. 

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FLOWSIC500 Flow Meter

The latest technology for the ultimate in measurement accuracy: The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas meter from SICK enables extremely accurate natural gas distribution measurement. 

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Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump & Kits

The Sealweld Hydraulic Hand-Held Pump has a locking handle to prevent piston damage. The compact size makes it easy to keep one in your general toolbox or behind the seat of your pickup for quick top-ups and emergency sealing jobs between regular maintenance intervals.

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Equa-Lube Eighty

Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty provides an insoluble film of lubricant to protect critical seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Extend valve service life by injecting Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty immediately after the hydrostatic test at the valve factory or repair facility. This will purge all test water from the seat pockets where corrosion commonly occurs. 

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API 6D Ball Valves

API 6D is the globally recognized specification that defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball valves and other types of valves for application in pipeline and piping systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries. 

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